A Folkloric Blouse


The Folkloric Blouse is our personal favorite. It is interesting but not difficult to sew—constructed from a series of rectangles sewn together in a clever way. The seams can be highlighted with a narrow ribbon or rickrack. A skirt may be attached to the blouse to turn it into a loose fitting dress. The front neckline can be cut in two ways—a traditional round neckline and a v-necked opening. The v-necked opening is the perfect place to display a favorite pin or an interesting vintage button.

Yardage: 1.5 yards of 46″ wide fabric for the blouse and 1.5 to 2 yards for the skirt. Notions: ribbon or rick-rack.


The Folkloric Blouse is a natural for a plaid seersucker fabric. The front and back panels are cut on the bias and the sides and sleeves on the straight grain of the fabric.