Hello. Welcome to PaperSewingPatterns.com. Lovely that you are joining the home sewing revival.

Paper Sewing Patterns are well designed sewing patterns similar to the patterns used by professionals. Traditionally commercial sewing patterns are printed on flimsy brownish tracing paper. Paper Sewing Patterns are printed on heavier white paper that won’t slip and rip when you use them.

Pattern 1: a Folkloric Blouse

Pattern 2: a Simple Jacket

Photo of a red shirt.
Jacket sewn in an amusing Japanese fabric.

Pattern 3: a Shaped Overblouse or Dress

Blouse sewn in a colorful print
A dress.

Pattern 4: the Kaftan has Neckline Variations

Pattern 5: a Bias-Cut Apron Easily Transforms into a Swing Jumper

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